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Spotify won't connect to PS4 in rest mode

Spotify won't connect to PS4 in rest mode

Hey I recently started using Spotify more on my PS4 while I game. I found out about the ability to turn the system on w/ the app on my smartphone (Android S7) and have been trying it with no success. The system connects fine to my phone when it's on but when I put it in rest mode the system doesn't pop up under devices to connect to on my phone. Can someone please help because this is pissing me off. 

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Hi @Crosskid93!


When your PS4 is on rest mode, it's not possible to use the Spotify app.


If you have other questions, just let us know.


Take care 🙂

I saw somewhere on the app that you can turn your PS4 on remotely using the app. Was that information incorrect? Is it possible to do this?

You can turn the Playstation system on via the Playstation app. If you read the same article as me i can see your confusion. You cannot activate your system via the Spotify app nor use Spotify while in rest mode.

Well this a screenshot from the settings on PS4.

It apparently is possible to use the Spotify Connect option in the phone/tablet app to switch on the PS4 while it is in rest mode, although I too cannot work out how to do this.


Actually you can, I’ve done it before while I was with a friend ps4 but now thag I’ve mine I’ve had some difficulties. But now that im thinking I believe that you need to leave the spotify app open. I’ll try that on mine later. If not, there’s something wrong coz I’ve done it 🙂

And I’ve done it no once or twice on my friends ps4 but a lot of times...

It works if you’ll leave spotify open... and you need to maybe check your power saving settings>features available in rest mode

Your spotify has to be on (via ps4) when you put it in rest mode and the icon for ps4 will stay on your phone and clicking ps4 will turn on the ps4

Ah right. To be honest, it seems to be a pretty pointless feature. I don’t think many people leave their PS4 in rest mode, rather than just turn it off when they aren’t using it. And it’s not much effort to just turn it on with the controller or the sensor, and then just go onto spotify. Having to be on spotify, go into rest mode, then come back and go onto it on your phone, select the PS4... it’s a bit of a hassle.

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