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Student Discount Issue

Student Discount Issue

I just tried to upgrade with the student discount. However, I was stuck at the second step, where you choose the College/University you're from. It kept reporting an error, and I couldn't move forward. I closed the page thinking I should probably try later, but I saw that my card was charged even without completing that step, and I'm still on free. Also, a second and third attempt at redoing the whole thing failed as well. An error about my card being from a country not supported by spotify kept popping up. What to do?

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Bumping thread cause i really need answers

I think I have a similar issue? I was on a student subscription, but I was at some point bumped up to the regular premium subscription. Now I'm trying to update my credit card but it won't let me do so because the app is trying to verify that I'm a student, which fails of course, and I don't see an option to explicitly pick a regular subscription.

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