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My family has two separate $9.99/mo accounts, and we haven't been taking advantage of the student discounts. We are considering switching to two separate $4.99/mo accounts, but we also have other family members who might enjoy the family premium plan. In deciding between the two, my concern is from switching to our current plan to a different plan and losing the current playlists and other aspects of the personalized accounts. How does plan switching work between premium, student, and family premium?


Thank you!


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Hi @asoos and welcome to the Spotify Community!
I will try my best to give you a breakdown of your options. 🙂

To switch to the Student discount from a current Premium plan - 
This will require that the plan user is a verifiable and currently enrolled college/university student (high school is not part of the deal). SheerID is an independent verification service that will confirm the eligibility within 30 days and then the discounted rate will start applying to the original Premium plan for 12 months. You won't lose any Premium perks such as your playlists, library, etc as long as you used the same account when you apply.

To switch to a Family plan -
Whoever uses their current Premium (or currently free) account to enroll in the Family option will become the plan's owner. They would be the only one who can add and remove users and would be the one responsible for the monthly bill. This plan allows 6 users (including the owner) to be active at the same time with their own unique libraries. Everyone must live at the same home address though. The plan owner would not be able to modify anyone's playlists or libraries, but if a user is already on Spotify when they get invited to a plan they will not lose their preferences by joining an invite to the Family one.

The great thing is you can switch to either plan or cancel at any time, however, the student discount rate will become locked to that one user for the full 12 months.
I hope this helps clarify the basics and if you have any more in depth questions I have copied Spotify's FAQ on both plans below.
Have a great day! 😄


Premium For Family Support Page

Student Discount Support Page


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