There is no place left in my library

There is no place left in my library

Hi Dear Spotify,


I try today to save one more song that i like in my library (not on my phone direclty), but at my big surpise, Spotify show me an error message (in french) :


Wahou ! Quelle collection ! Il n'y a plus de place dans "Bibliothèque". Pour sauvegarder de nouveaux titres, vous devez en supprimer quelques-uns.


(You can see the screenshot in the attachements... )


So i looked if there is a limit for storing my songs and apparently there is a limit of 10'000 songs ( wich i seems to have reached 😄 .


So my question is : Is there a way to increase my Library so i can keep storing more songs.


If i can't store any more music it will decrease very hard my experience with Spotify 😞


I mainly use Spotify because of this huge possibility to store music. So please do something about it so i can keep using Spotify 😄


(i openned this request here because i haven't seen any places like "a ticket center" where you can ask for something to Spotify. So, Sorry if this is not the right place for my request)


Thank you


Have a nice day

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Bonjour @Gl4ssJ! Welcome to the Spotify Community!


Thanks for your report! No worries, you should be able to move your collection to a playlist and continue to add music to your collection. Let me know how it goes!


Bonne journée! 😉


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1st of all, Thx for your answer !


Can you tell me how i can do that ?

Is there a special way to proced or a procedure on the web ?

Hey @Gl4ssJ!


You should be able to select all songs on your computer by using: 'cmd + a' on Mac or 'crtl + a' on Windows, then you can drag the songs to the 'New Playlist'-button in the bottom-left corner. Then you can clear 'Your Library' by clicking on: 'Delete' (Windows) or 'Backspace' (Mac). Let me know how you get on! 🙂


Have a great day!

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Hi again,


Thx for your answer.


Just one question about that. If i delete all the songs from my library will i still see them if i click on an artist ?

For example : If i have like the last albun of Metallica save on my library, if i go under "Artist" and click on Metallica will i have my songs there or will i be redirected on the "online" selection of the artist.


Thanks you for help


Have a nice day !

Well i am comming back to you after a while, trying to fight with my library "Your music" to not reach this 10'000 songs and keep saving my music "as i want".

But now i reached a point that it is too much hard... And we it is not a good service from Spotify to put this limit to 10'000 songs that i can reach easily while still listening all of these music. I'm not even talking about the 3'333 music that you can have offline... let's take one problem at the time.

I have read a lot of forum talking about this problem that thousands of users have and where Spotify did just nothing.

We also can't say that it's an unknown problem from Spotify and you never comment about why there is this limit except with that : "At the moment we don’t have plans to extend the Your Music limit. The reason is because less than 1% of users reach it. The current limit ensures a great experience for 99% of users instead of an "OK" experience for 100%".
So if we translate this message, it just said : "Sorry, you are only 1% of our users so we don't realy care about you, so go f*ck yourself ".

I don't know how it is possible that a compagny like Spotify offer that kind of anwer when there is an open discution on their own site that count 5'500 votes about that.
Here is the link to it :

And come on, i work in IT. It's so so easy for you to extend this "Your music" librairy. It will cost you a bit but who care "it's only 1% of your users" as you said. Or if it's realy something you can't offer to your premium users, make a subscription that cost view more dollars, euro or whatever who could cover this little amount of money compare to what you gain.


What i'am asking, no that WE are asking is just a bigger librairy no more. The rest of the application is pretty good. It would be a shame that you loose thousands of users just because you can't put an higher number than 10'000 in a box.


NOW PLEASE DO SOMETHING ! And stop telling to us that we are "1%" of your users and that is the reason why you don't care about that.

Bye, hopping to have new as soon as possible

Still no answer or reaction ?
I didn't mean to be aggresive or anything if it's the reason why you don't answer to me right now.


I'm just trying to find a solution to my problem wich you seems to know but not doing anything to resolve it.


And i am sure that it's not the right time for you to ignore your community, your users that like your application and wish to use it more, since there is a lot of people who are lodging a complaint on you for copyright.


And by the way the 1% that we represent is 1.5 million so i'ts not like it's no big deal for you 😉


Still waiting for an answer for resolving my problem


Thank you

Hey @Gl4ssJ, thanks for your post.


I completely understand your frustration. Spotify is always working to provide a smooth and great experience for everyone and I'll definitely pass on your feedback concerning the library limit to the right folks.


Ideas on the Ideas board are taken very seriously and are given lots of thoughts. Some ideas might be difficult to implement which they don't look like at first sight. A lot of research must be done to see if an idea can be integrated into Spotify.


It seems that the idea currently has the status: "Good idea, vote for it" which means: "Spotify likes this idea but they want it to get more popular, so add your likes and comments!". On the Ideas board, Spotify can see all the feedback and comments on the idea in one place and update everyone on the latest status of it. According to the status, Spotify is still looking into ways to get to a beneficial solution for everyone.


I definitely recommend leaving your comments and feedback on the idea too. Let me know if you have any other questions.


I hope you're having an awesome day!

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