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Trial Upgrade- not synced to iphone

Trial Upgrade- not synced to iphone

Hi, I downloaded Spotify app on to my iphone, and it says its a 48 hour trial. I have been online and upgraded to the 30 days extended premium trial & given my card details etc,  however when i go on to my iphone- it still shows as having '48 hours remaining of your trial.' I have tried logging out and logging back in, but it still says the same. I'm really worried as I am in charge of the music for a hen party on Friday and i dont want the trial to suddenly stop as i wont be able to play any of the playlists i have made. Please can someone advise me as to why the upgrade is showing on my online account, but not my iphone, and how i make the upgrade happen on my iphone?! Thanks so much

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Hi chlobo83 - Doesn't look like you've signed into your account with the free trial yet. 


Are you logging in with your Facebook email and password?

Hello, @chlobo83! I think it should fix by itself. Just give it some time. Have you tried all the steps outlined in this thread? Are you definitely logged in with the right account? What does it say under the Subscription status line on your account overview page?


Meredith was first. Sorry.

hi Meredith, no not via facebook- with my email?

But my email on here is different to the email that i used for the app i think?! Godh i'm confused now!!!

@chlobo83 wrote:

But my email on here is different to the email that i used for the app i think?! Godh i'm confused now!!!

Try logging in using your Facebook email address and password like Meredith said above? 

Is that not showing your premium? 



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Hi chlobo83 - Any update on this? Did you try signing in with your FB email and password like Peter suggested?


Sounds like you've just made two accounts. If signing in with those details gets you to a Premium account just head over to our contact form. They can help you combine the two 🙂

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