Upgrade to premium not possible


Upgrade to premium not possible




i have the following issue:


i used a 60 day premium test ans a choosed to login via facebook. after a couple of days i decided to use all premium features but i wanted to change to kind of registration and the kind of login via facebook. i deleted my facebook-login-account and created a new one with a standard login. then i wanted to upgrade my account. BUT: it is not possible t upgrade directly... just with a test period of 30 days. and my paypal-account is blocked for a second test-period. 


i don't need a test period any more. i just want to get a premium account!


thx 4 your help

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Re: Upgrade to premium not possible


Hey @betature, welcome to the Community!


In this case, we suggest you reach out to our team via Twitter or Facebook. They'll take a look at your account to see what can be done.


Hope that helps :)