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User name randomly chosen for me, how to change?

User name randomly chosen for me, how to change?

Made a new account used my email and was asked what would I like to be called and I selected a name. I thought that was my username but I guess not, now I notice my username is something like atkz27637910tplesrzz181874720101

Sooo... What can I do to change it? I'd like to log in using a username that's shorter than my email.

And why wasn't I prompted to select a user name?
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Were you able to change it? i have the same problem!

Same problem 

This happened for invites I sent for family accounts too. Not sure how to get it changed. 

I found this on the Help site.


"I can't log in with my email address or username"


"We’re currently changing our sign up process, so you now don’t need to remember your username to log in. You can instead access your account with your email address and password."


"It’s currently not possible to change your username..."


"As we look to improve the overall Spotify experience, we’re now automatically generating usernames, hence the random letters and numbers."


"During signup, you can personalize your account by creating a profile name that’s displayed in the app. There’s no limitations to a profile name, so you can choose any name you like 🙂


"Note: It's not possible to log in with the profile name."


I have the same problem... so what can I do to change this...?

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