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Vodaphone - free subscription

Vodaphone - free subscription

I've bought a Vodaphone 4G phone and with it I get free Spotify premium.


I already have this, does anyone know how I can transfer the free offer to my current Spotify account ?



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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


You need to cancel your current subscription from your online account, wait until your next bill date for your account to revert to Spotify free at which point you can follow Vodafone's steps to activate your free premium on their systems. 



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I am having the same issue. Was told to accept the deal I needed to cancel my current spotify rpemium, which i did yesterday. Tried to get the deal today and keep getting told that I have still got a premium account. I have spoken to Vodafone who have attempted to assist me althgough they now believe it to be an issue with Spotify. 


The deal runs out on 31/01/14 and my premium appears to run to 22/02/14 which is after this date. I would prefer not to open a brand new account just to be able to receive this deal. 


Is there anything I can do? 😞


Please help.



@evilnoob you could get in touch with the payment team to see if they can cancel your premium subscription early although I suspect that creating a new account may be necessary. You can always ask support to transfer your playlists over for you or just follow your old account and do it yourself.

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