Wont let me upgrade


Wont let me upgrade

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Im pretty close to deleting this thing n going over to apple music. I got it for my wife and it works fine with premium. Then downloaded it for myself and whenever i try and upgrade it wont let me. Ive restarted the phone and closed the app down a few times. Ive unisntalled and re installed on my pc and phone. im pretty close to losing**bleep** and getting rid of this frustrating thing. Wasted hours trying to figure this out, put my credit card details in again and again n says i already have a subscription, but then in the app its still the free version. It keeps throwing me back to the screen to put card details in again after I hit continue. Apple music is looking pretty good at this stage. Also yes my cc details are correct and its valid.

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Hey @user-removed, welcome to the Community!


It sounds like you're trying to sign up for Premium on your wife's account. Try signing up here using an incognito window to see if it helps. Make sure you enter your own account credentials.


Let us know how it goes.