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Wrong Postal Code

Wrong Postal Code

Hello I am an administrator of our fammily account,

My two sisters put 79095 instead of 79091 and now the are not allowed to log in can I get any help please!

Thank you.
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Hey @Jcpd,


Welcome in the Spoitfy community! Are you talking about a family premium subscribtion or one family account, which all family members are using? Usual you can change your postal code on the account overview page:



If you can't log in, you can just reset the password here and afterwards you should be able to change the postal code in the settings.


To change the postal code of premium for a family subscribtion is unfortunately not possible. To change the postal code you have to create a new account. But don't forget to cancel the subsribtion of the old account ;). You can find more information here. For transfering all your playlists/songs to your new account, you should take a look for this workaround 😉



Is that the answer you're looking for?



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