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someone deleted my account and now I can not log back in

someone deleted my account and now I can not log back in

Every time I tried to log in it would not work. Someone deleted my account which had 8 hours of music in one playlist I made and I can not get back into my account. I put in my account info which I know is right and it logs in but not fully and then after about a second of it not loading it puts me back at the log in place and that is only when I try one specific password that I know is right. Please please please fix this and if you don't then I will have wasted time and effort on all that music and that great playlist for nothing. In fact I did cry, so please fix this. It is so bad I can't even log into it on this website so I have to post it on an account with no music on it thanks. 😞

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I'm so sad to hear this! Can you please post your old username, so I can investigate the issue? Thanks for asking the Spotify Community!

yes I can. Thank you for helping. My old username is "mr.awesome96" 


I've got some good news for you! The account and the playlist are still up, and I'm playing your playlist right now! This is the playlist, right?

About the login issue - can you try logging in using the incognito mode of your browser?

Keep me updated 🙂

I did try in my incognito window but it still did not work. 

Have you changed country recently?

no I have not.

Hey again - can you tell me if that happens with every browser/device you have, with the app as well? If so, the issue is not device-related. Are you logging in through or directly?

Thanks for the lowdown!

it also happened on my phone and another persons phone.

Can you log in here?

no i have tried more than many times to do it

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