difference between unlimited and premium


difference between unlimited and premium

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‎2013-01-16 01:56 PM
cant seem to find that info anywhere, if someone could explain or link me, it'd be appreciated ty
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Re: difference between unlimited and premium

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‎2013-01-16 02:18 PM

Hey! Welcome to the community :) 


The main differences are summarized here.


Unlimited gives you unlimited ad-free listening on your desktop/laptop. 


Premium gives you unlimited higher qualitify listening on your desktop/laptop, as well as the ability to use Spotify on mobile devices such as (supported) tablets and phones. Premium also includes the ability to download and sync playlists inside the Spotify client so you can listen to them when you don't have an internet connection.


Both subscriptions allow you to use your account abroad for an unlimited period of time as long as you continue to pay for the service (you only get 14 days on free). 



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