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facebook name not same on spotify

facebook name not same on spotify


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 Hi all,


I recently changed my facebook name but the change isn't showing up on spotify...any way of resolving this? I already logged out and back in again... no change. it is very annoying.


Many thanks.

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Hey @bella1999.


If your Spotify account was created via Facebook, it should update the name automatically. If it hasn't happened yet, try reinstalling Spotify to see if it helps.


As a last resource, you can head to your Facebook profile settings > Apps > Spotify, and remove it. Then head back to the Spotify app and click the "Log in with Facebook" button.


A pop-up should ask you to give access to your Facebook again, and everything should be updated.


Let me know how it goes.

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Maybe try disconnecting your Spotify from your Facebook, then connect it again. It should be changed.

Try clearing your browser cache or use incognito mode and log into spotify web to check if the name updates. 




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