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how do I search within a record label?


how do I search within a record label?

Quite a while ago I knew how to search within a record label.... can someone remind me please!?


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Ah ... pity. Thanks Joe

Even the basic label search seems to be broken now. Search term "Areal Records" (which used to work) now only returns some artists on the label, but no releases. "Apollo Records" returns some releases from one "Apollo Records", but nothing for the other "Apollo Records" that I'm interested in. 


Neither is shown in the search history.

But how do you search for records labels with names with more than one word?

For example:
Searching for 'Zone Records' gives me nothing and searching for simply 'Zone' gives me everything including the word 'Zone' ('The Warp Zone', etc.). Searching For 'Southern Fried Records' only gives me one of the many records tagged as such, searching for 'Southern Fried' only gives me a couple more albums with exactly those words in the title.

Something seems to be amiss. 

Check out ListenByLabel to see the whole Southern Fried records catalog.


Unfortunately the Spotify label search doesn't allow exact strings.  So if a label has a generic name like "Zone Records" you'll get every label with the word "zone"


Check out ListenByLabel, we got you covered

Adding quotations worked for me : e.g. label:"multi culti"

a blank webpage appears on attempting the "label:<query>" suggestion

A while back i could search a label within Spotiy and ADD year, for example:


label:"Trunk Records"AND year:2017


this search function doesn't seem to work anymore. Now i have to look up a label on discogs and manually look which releases they had in 2017.


Anyone knows how to search labels for a certain period within Spotify?


(The Listenbylabel site is a great tool too.)

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try this


year:2017 label:"trunk records" 


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