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how many devices



i am using spotify premium with ipad, iphone and mac client. ist it possible to sync with another iphone to have just local files on this phone (offline spotify mode)? Or another ipod for example. With local files i dont mean files i already have but files which are on spotify and available in offline mode.

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Offline playlists can be enabled on a maximum of three devices simultaneously.  So if you have offline playlists enabled on your iPad, iPhone and your Mac, attempting to put them on a fourth device will cause the offline playlist to be disabled on one of your other devices.

If your Mac is always connected to the internet, you should disable offline playlists on there. That way you'll free up a third spot and you can put offline playlists on that third mobile device.

or it will think that your iPhone is several devices and constantly forcedelete all your offline content on a regularly basis....

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