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payment fails

payment fails

Have always had spotify permium but two months ago it just stoped withdraw money and spotify premium stoped working. I now tried to get my spotify premium back by buying it again, paiment fails over and over agin. The card is not expired, it has got money on it and it's open for internet shopping and shopping abroad. what to do?

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Hi, Welcome to the community. If the card has worked before and it works elsewhere then there must be some sort of a glitch so it doesn't get processed correctly.

I have escalated this to the mods, so hopefully you'll get more precise help soon.

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Hi linneaholes - While we can see that the payment hasn't gone through, we can't see specifics as to why. 


Although it sounds like you've already done some troubleshooting, I recommend contacting your bank to double check the card still meets all these requirements:


If you're sure those are fine, I'd try paying via a PayPal account:

The card works perfectly fine, it's being used every day and YES there is money on it. On my spotify spage it says my card IS being used althought it does not withdraw any money. 

Why should I have to pay via PayPal when I have a card that works? 

Hey there!

It seems your card has successfully made a transaction now. Does everything seem to be fine?
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I have got the exact same problem, it's been like that for about a week. 

Like linneaholes I have got money on my card and it is open for internet shopping. I have used Premium since December last year, so it should be working...

How did you get the payment to go through?



My card has been working fine for several months and now I wish to upgrade to premium, but have the exact same problem as the others.


Spotify says my card is fine, there is money on it and are open for e-commerse (have been using it before), but it wont work.


Why? help me please?

anette0808 & keylander - Have either of you given PayPal a try? A few users have found paying via PayPal worked for them. 


Just to be sure, does the country in your Spotify account match where your card is registered?





Why should I go through the fuzz to start a paypal account, when I have a perfectly fine credit card? This is easier to use?

Can't you just make it work? What's the problem?

And YES its registered to right country, everything seem to be fine.

Nordea bank?

No handelsbanken?


Why? You think its bc of my bank?

No. But there is at least problems with Spotify and Nordea combo. This because Nordea decline Spotify's payment. They use wrong payment type and Nordea decline it as security thing. I would suggest to contact your bank and ask why Spotify can't take your money. They may have answer for you. So maybe they declines too as security thing.


Spotify's payment type is "Store" when it should be "Internet" because you're purchasing subscription from Internet, not from (local) Store.


I'm myself Nordea customer and I know this **bleep** at Spotify payment system, so I now purchase just Spotify gift cards and send those to my mailbox because in this case Spotify use right payment type and Nordea accept it...

aha! thank you! will talk to my bank 🙂



I think average Spotify employee just know nothing about banks or how Spotify's payment system works, so as user I really suggest to contact to bank. This way I got Official answer from Nordea Finland and Spotify just ignored this answer, because they are blamming Nordea when problem is really at they end for years!


And this is not joke to you, this is true story! Spotify have just crappy systems and they can't fix those to fit requirements from banks. However some banks accept fine those wrong payments -> less security. And yes after I complained first time about this some years ago they just replied to me: Change bank.


This is Customer service... 😄

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