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playlist becomes public again

playlist becomes public again






(iPhone 8, Macbook Air)


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I made a playlist for my boyfriend and I made it private. However, the setting option "make public" keeps going back to "make secret" so I'd assume it automatically becomes public again but it doesn't show on my profile but my friend said she can see me listening to this playlist on friends' activities.

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Hey there. What you're probably experiencing is just a delay. When switching a playlist from public to private or vice versa there can be a short period where the change doesn't take effect. Also, if your friend has followed that now private playlist, they will be able to access it whenever they want. 

Yah that's what i figured, but when the option goes back to "make secret" (which suggests the playlsit is public), the playlist doesn't actually show up on my profile along with other public ones. But my friend who didn't follow my playlist can still see that i'm listening to this playlist on the right section "friends activities". That's what really confuses me.

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