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recently played not syncing with my devices

recently played not syncing with my devices

I‘m listening to Spotify on different devices, but if I’m listening to some playlists on one device it doesnt appear later on the other phone as ‚recently played‘


about 4 weeks ago wasnt this a problem- I saw which playlists and songs I’m listening to earlier on an other device 


please fix this! Big Thanks! 

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I'm starting to think nobody at Spotify actually uses the product.
I can have Netflix/MAX/Disney+/YouTube on a thousand devices and on every one I can "resume" playing a show/movie and see my viewing history.
But on Spotify, they can't seem to figure this out.

The cassette-tape days were almost better than now. With a cassette, wherever you took it, you pop it in and pick right up where you left off, car, home, work, friend's car....

I was trying to use the history to make a new playlist and since my laptop doesn't have the same history as my phone it was going to be difficult on my phone to go through each song and add to a playlist. But, with my laptop open, Spotify running and Spotify on my phone open I figured out a way. I went to the history on my phone and started playing the songs at the top of the history for the day I wanted to start the playlist. It then automatically updated the queue on my computer to that history list and I could then select all the songs and make a playlist more quickly from my laptop. So it doesn't exactly fix the issue but a work around for what I wanted to do. 

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