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2018 Wrapped not working

2018 Wrapped not working

After I attempt to log into my account to see my stats it pops up the message "something went wrong try again later" I've tried multiple times, cleared my cache, refreshed the page and all that and nothing seems to work.





 United States


Samsung Galaxy 8

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Hey @MaybenotSeth and welcome to the Spotify Community!


Some other users reported issues viewing their 2018 Wrapped too. I'd recommend checking this and try the steps described there. You can also vote for the issue so it gets more attention. I hope this gets fixed soon 🙂

Same. It's been happening for a few days and it's honestly getting on my nerves.


It’s been happening to me too. I don’t know if it might be because I have my account linked with my Facebook or because I use VPN, but I’m getting the same message whenever I try to check. I even tried to log in with the username Spotify assigned to my account AND with my email that’s also linked to my account — nothing works. I cleared the cache, reset the phone, tried on incognito. Please someone fix this 😭


Same problem here, tried to use multiple browsers, incognito mode, cleared cache and cookies, tried to change the language to see if could change something but no, I also tried to disconnect my acount from to see if that was the problem but the issue still remains


EDIT: The Wrapped is now working for me wth


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