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29 days before I can go online....

29 days before I can go online....

Hello, I have had Spotify Premium since July last year. I just got a new phone and downloaded this app but I can't actually go "online" due to a 29 day wait!! WHY?
Apparently other threads say that you have to wait for verification to see if you really have premium... I call BS, verifications should not be required because it should automatically see that your account is Premium. Even if a verification was needed it shouldn't take no longer than. 20 seconds.

I am not getting what I am paying for, I want to be able to listen to music that I'm paying to listen to that you advertise that I can play my music offline.

I would like a proper answer that isn't all smile faces saying, don't worry, you only have to wait 29 days...
This should be fixed, I don't want to waste my mobile data for incompetence.
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Hi there, you're right... that doesn't sound right at all.

Are you able to show a screen shot of the actual message your getting?

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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I just reopened the app and now I can't even play any but 1 song, which is the last one I added.
Gonna reinstall the app again.

Well, I was able to fix it after playing games around for a bit. I redownloaded the app, logged in, logged out. Select the offline and online button, back and forth and reloging continuously. And now my whole song list is green cache like it it should of been.

The app was just crazy buggy, Spotify seems to be fond of bugs (and on pc). Might as well select as solved. Hopefully this thread will help and solve others with the same problem

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