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4.3 still no meta data in my car?

4.3 still no meta data in my car?

I am new to android with a new galaxy note 3 running 4.3.

My Spotify works fine in my car streaming via blue tooth to my 2012 yaris, I can change songs on my steering wheel no problem at all, however I still get no information about songs in my car I have read some people with vws have this working. Why doesn't this work for me? Everything else I have tried ie tune in radio and normal music steams fine with all the metadata

Another thing I have tried is to use the usb cable however I can't get it to even play via us is there an app that would allow me to do this?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi @esky123 and welcome to the community 🙂


Have you tried reinstalling the app? It may be an issue with the ROM you're on - it may not be implemented on your ROM, but on others. This could also be an issue with the API Spotify is using.



It's actually a long running joke already.


xda got this working by modding the official app in the beginning of this year, and ever since has modified each successive release with the fix. It's quite a small change, which makes the fact it hasn't been fixed yet all the more ridiculous.

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