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4 Issues

I have been using Spotify for about 3 months on my Chromebook, Nexus tablet, and Galaxy phone. I like the depth of the library but can't figure out why the following features don't exist (at least to my knowledge):

1--why can't I reorder my custom-made playlists?  There are filters but I want the songs in a particular order and can't make it happen.

2--where is a tab for recently listened to songs?

3--why can't I put my playlists in an order I choose?

4--why can't we rate the songs (5 stars, 4 stars, etc., as you can do in iTunes) so we can easily find our top rated songs?



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Hey there!

Just to confirm, are you using the web player on your Chromebook?

We're afraid it's not possible to modify/reorder playlists on your mobile devices, or to check out your listening history. You should be able to see your most recently played playlists/albums.

We'll make sure to pass along your feedback on this, and the star-rating system on to our team.

Keep us posted.

Thanks.  I cannot reorder playlists or the content of a playlist on my Android phone, my Android tablet or my Chromebook.  I have to go to my wife's PC to do so.  It's the same $ no matter hardware you're using so why isn't the user experience the same?  As for "it's not possible", yes it is.  Ask Apple or Google how it's done.

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