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A couple issues when using bluetooth to car stereo.

A couple issues when using bluetooth to car stereo.

I'm having a few issues with Spotify when I use it with my car stereo.

First of all, it doesn't automatically start playing when it connects, I'm not sure why it's stopped as it was working before.

Secondly, since it doesn't auto play, I'm forced to push the play button 3 times (from the head unit) before it will actually play, it seems to act normally when I push play the first time but it doesn't actually start playing, then I push it again to pause it, and once more to play correctly.

Lastly is an issue with making calls, when I make a call while listening to music it pauses for about 5 seconds, then randomly starts playing again over top of the phone call, I can not figure out why it's doing this and I can't pause it from the headunit during a phone call as it disables the music play/pause function untill the phonecall is over, this is particularly dangerous in the car as if I forget to pause the music before making a call I'm forced to  pause it from the phone which in most cases means having to unlock it and open spotify.

Phone is a Samsung s7 and headunit is a JVC KD-X320BT.

Any help would be appreciated.

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