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[AAOS] Spotify for Android Automotive desperately need improving

[AAOS] Spotify for Android Automotive desperately need improving



I'm running Spotify on Android Automotive in my new nice car (Polestar 2), but I was really disappointed by the Spotify app, because you are completely missing out on a lot of basic stuff:

  • Playlist folders are not displayed in my library.
  • Not possible to browse all albums by an artist (say what!). It seems like the oldest albums are removed from the list after a certain album count on the display. At the same time, there are lots of duplicate albums by each artist (most likely different versions of the same album).
  • Artist radio stations are not available.
  • Missing all the great stuff on the front page of the "normal phone app" (suggestions etc.).


What are your plans for adding this functionality (and other basic stuff from the "normal phone app") to get it up to speed?


Best regards,


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Me Too.

would be great if the Spotify App for Android automotive would get some love from the Spotify developers.


Oh yes,

The ability to start a ”random” radio and when you find an awesome song, you click on the album link to go to the song’s album 😍

I agree.


Please make it more like the normal app.

Also, can you fix the constant issue of the app pausing on Android automotive as it thinks it now playing the song on your Android smartphone.


I have to switch my mobile Bluetooth off and then close Spotify down on my phone which is really annoying as I then can't take calls in the car.


Please fix this, don't have any other issues with Spotify.

I really mis the option to skip 15 seconds forwards/backwards when listening to a Podcast. Also switching between your Spotify phone and Spotify in the car, you almost never end up at the same spot you ended listening. Without the skipping function it is very annoying.

I second this. Could the app be looked at again to fix some features? 

Found this post after googling.  I'd like to add a more important issue which is poor sound quality.  Something is causing additional compression to occur.  I have compared the same song using the USB port and via bluetooth from a phone.  The sound from the built-in AAOS Spotify app is degraded even though 'Music streaming quality' setting is set to 'Very High'.  I'm thinking that the app maybe defaults to 'Normalize volume'.  I wish that setting was exposed to turn it off. 

A new version of the Spotify app became available on AAOS (v4.2.9.3).  For me, a new issue crept in.  The app is no longer compatible when switching between other audio apps in AAOS.   The symptom in the Spotify app when returning is that the screen will go blank except for the play/pause icon and an animated circle going in an infinite loop indicating "connecting...".  The music plays fine, but no other menu controls are visible to navigate to another song.  The workaround is to force close the app and clear cache to get everything back to normal again.  This is abysmal.

Ignore the previous reply by me.  The v4.2.9.5 update on AAOS fixed the issue when switching between other audio apps.

I've got the same problem you had in
Decided to uninstall Spotify and re-install it hoping for but now Google Play store won't install Spotify at all. I hit "Install", and then it just sits there "waiting...".

I thought that perhaps there are lingering Spotify-related files/cache still in the system somehow, but I can't remove the cache because Spotify isn't installed. So... I'm currently stuck not being able to install Spotify.
Installing other apps work just fine though.

Anyone with a clue?

Sorry to hear.  Which system? (Polestar 2, Volvo, etc?)  Try rebooting the infotainment and then try installing again.  It also might be a temporary Google issue.

XC60 T8 Polestar 2022!
I don't even know how to reboot the infotainment system... Turn off the car
and start it up again? I got the car 2 days ago!

To reboot the infotainment, press and hold the 'Home' button for around 30 seconds.  You'll see a message about cleaning the screen, keep holding the button a little longer until it goes black.  It should only take about 10 seconds for it to reboot.

Nice! That did the trick and I finally have Spotify installed and working!
Thanks very much!

Am I missing something because if I play from my recent list a radio of something, it plays it like a playlist and stops at the very last song... doesn't continue like the app on your phone. 

We are really enjoying our 2022 XC60 with AAOS though the Spotify app does need some further development. The basic 'repeat' a track option would be a great start.

Agree, automotive app needs upgrades - it's not such useful as phone app 

Indeed, hope this app gets more updates! Two major issues:

- Sound quality; significantly worse than when streamed(wired) from the phone, or compared to other AAOS apps

- Not all songs and albums are shown! The search shows a limited number, and when e.g. going to an artists' page, there are several albums/songs missing from the discography!! Search finds these, but otherwise they won't show up at all.

This  thread is 2 years old, and the application on Android Automotive is still so under-developed. I just posted my own list of issues... Is the app being even developed and maintained?

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