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[ANDROID]How to remove songs from playlist?

[ANDROID]How to remove songs from playlist?

I can not find the option to remove songs from playlists while using Spotify on a Samsung S7.


I have read the other threads on this topic, and there is no option to remove songs or edit playlist when I hit the "3 dots" button for options on the playlist itself, or individual songs on the playlist.


Is there a way to do this? It seems like a very basic feature.

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You should be able to remove songs from a playlist from the context menu:

  1. Tap  to the right of a track.
  2. Select Remove from this Playlist.

This won't work on playlists you don't own (you are following them) and there is known problem with trying to remove unplayable (greyed-out) tracks. Are you having problems with just one or all playlists?

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