AVRCP support to see artist and track metadata during Bluetooth playback


AVRCP support to see artist and track metadata during Bluetooth playback




Are there any plans for implementing AVRCP 1.3+ to enable Spotify metadata (such as track title and artist) to be displayed when playing through Blueooth?


For example, in my car I can see the name of the song, artist, and album when playing music through the standard Android music player, but I get nothing when playing songs through Spotify. 😞


Will this be added in an upcoming update?




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I have AVRCP support w/o a mod! It seems that android 4.3 fixes this issue. I have a galaxy nexus and was previously running a custom ROM, i decided to revert back to stock, which is now on 4.3 and Spotify suddenly has metadata being sent to my MyFord Touch system in my car.


To all those w/o a nexus branded phone, I think the best hope would be to install a 4.3 ROM, hope this works out for everyone.

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I would really like to see this available in the Spotify android app so I can get it working with my parrot bluetooth kit.


Go on, i know you already have android on some in-car devices but implementing this simple protocol will open up compatibility with hundreds/thousands of other devices.


Very annoying that the iPhone app does all this with no problem. Android 4.00 does not have bulit in support for this, but many phones do, like my Samsung Galaxy S2.


Come on Spotify please treat us Android fans, by giving us Bluetooth track information?

yeah would love this function too!!!


Just downloaded the latest Android Beta Preview and so disappointed to find that there is still no track information data sent over Bluetooth. The iPhone app does this perfectly, so why not Android? I have the Samsung Galaxy S2 which has the correct Bluetooth AVCRP 1.3+ integration built in, which functions beautifully using the stock music player and my Nissan Leaf's audio system. Have tried other music streaming services, but nobody else does this yet. Come on Spotify, don't let your Premium users down!


I am also desparately seeking this function!

Hi. This is on the wishlist: http://community.spotify.com/t5/Mobile-Android/quot-Official-quot-new-application-beta-release-missi...

Spotify don't comment on development plans though so there's no way of knowing if or when it will be delivered. I understand its included in the iOS apps though so could well be on the 'soon' list for Android
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Using the new Samsung Galaxy S3, and Spotify does not support AVRCP to display track information to my cars display. The iphone version did this perfectly. 


Spoitfy better change otherwise i'm leaving them... simple really. 


Furthermore, music doesn't seem to start up again when driving mode reads out a text message, very annoying whilst driving which means i have to fiddle around with my phone... not sure whether this is a spotify  or samsung issue.


I'm sick of buying products that just had constant set backs etc.... what a joke! 



I am since yesterday by Spotify, but I miss already the "track info over bluetooth (AVRCP)" feature. I hope this will be integrated as quickly as possible.




Starmatthew, does your Galaxy S3 give Bluetooth track information using the stock music player please? I am thinking of getting one, thanks. My S2 does this, but don't want to upgrade if the S3 doesn't.


Agreed, this is really annoying and is top of my wishlist!


Please add AVRCP to Spotify.


Come on Spotify! This question has been up for forever now! It's embarrasing that this feature is STILL not included in the Android application when the Apple IOS has been equipped with this for "ages"...


We are paying for this service for gods sake!

I don't know why more people arent upset about this.  So many phones support AVRCP 1.3+ now, and many other music apps are supporting transmission of metadata over AVRCP.


Please add this functionality.


I would also really like to see this functionality added.


Cannot bump this enough! Please fix!


Yes.  Please add this feature to the android version.  I pay for two spotify accounts in my household and always use the account that is associated to my wife's iphone when we travel together because of the AVRCP 1.3+ support that the iphone spotify app provides.  Think of this additional feature as an added safety benefit for your end user.... I have to look at my phone to see song names (this is not advisable when driving.... but is an intended misuse due to the lack of this easy to implement feature).


Thanks in advance, I am sure your developers will do the right thing and add this to your Android Spotify App!


And still no progress in this either... What are you guys paid for?

Because nobody at Spotify cares about Android anymore.  Look at all the missing features.  Sad.

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