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I have had spotify for about a year now through my phone plan, FIDO. For the last few months I have been getting charged for spotify seperately. I was wondering how I can stop this, but also how to get reimbursed for the previous charges. I should have the premium version for free. Thanks!

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I am still being charged for premium! I did have premium then all of a sudden I was reduced to free but still getting charged for premium!!! I keep getting notifications to "upgrade to premium" but I am already paying for it!! Bull**bleep**! Let me cancel my subscription spotify you rip off company!!!!!! My account name is ***********

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Hey @user-removed


Let's try figure out what's happening here:


Here's what to try if you've upgraded to Premium but don't see it in the app.


  • Check your subscription page. Your status should be Premium. 
  • If you're on Premium, try signing out and back into the app. 
  • If it says Free, check the receipt we send to your email inbox. Make sure you're signing in with the username on that receipt. If the username on your receipt is a 10 digit number, please sign in with your Facebook login details.

It's also possible you have a second account - one account with a Spotify username, the other created and linked to your Facebook profile. Try logging in with each to access your Premium.


Does this solve your issue? 🙂

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Hey @kat89, Welcome to the community! 🙂


To unsubscribe from premium follow these steps:


Canceling your subscription reverts your account to the Free level.



      1. Go to the subscription page. (Note: If you don't know your password, go here to reset it.)
      2. Under Subscription and payment, click cancel your subscription.User-added image
      3. Select a reason (select Other reasons if you're canceling for a promotion). Click CONTINUE.
      5. Enter your password in the password field. Click CANCEL SPOTIFY PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION.


Your subscription page now shows the date you will revert to our Free ad-based service. We hope you decide to upgrade again!


Note: If you subscribed through any other company than Spotify, you need to contact that company to cancel. If your subscription is through iTunes, please see Apple's instructions for canceling.


If you don't receive premium but you should via your plan then you need to speak to your provider about the issue 🙂


Regarding the refund:



You can contact support on twitter @SpotifyCares Or you can email Support here.

If you receive a No-Reply email that says to check out the FAQ or Community just reply to that email and Spotify support will contact you 🙂

Support takes 24-48 hours to reply to you if they have not replied to you by tomorrow you can ask me here and i will escalate the issue for you 🙂

I hope this helped solve your issue 🙂