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Account doesn't work anymore on phone

Account doesn't work anymore on phone


I hope somebody can help.
For about a year now I have a premium account. This account is used on an android phone, an iPad, an iPhone and a desktop. But it has stopped working on the android phone. When I log in, I can not listen to music, my playlists are not there and Spotify is virtually useless. On all other devices Spotify does still work and recognize my account and playlists.
Please help me, so I can use Spotify on my phone again.

Thank you
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Is it possible you have logged in with the wrong credentials? Try logging out then back in. Do you get any error messages? If you use the facebook login, check that you have the latest version of the facebook app installed.

I haven't connected my Spotify to my Facebook.i only have one set of credentials, so I can't log in with the wrong ones.
What I also did is delete Spotify and reinstall it, but unfortunately this also didn't do the trick. I just log in with the usual credentials and than nothing happens....

What do you mean by nothing happens? Please could you capture a screenshot of the issue?



Ok, so i took some pictures. It's in Dutch, I'm sorry for that.
As you can see in the first photo,I don't have a playlist.
In the second photo you can see that all the songs are light gray and I cannot play them.
The message in the third picture tells me that if I want to play the song I have to upgrade to Premium. And I have a Premium account that works very well on the other devices...

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