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Advanced settings for Discover Weekly?

Advanced settings for Discover Weekly?

Sorry if this is a repost of a similar idea, I can't find it anywhere in the community. 


My husband likes to use my spotify account for his own listening, and it's not stuff I would usually choose. This has caused my "Discover Weekly" playlist to be just plain bad. I don't get the satisfaction of "discovering" anything since it's all been picked for him! 


I wish there were advanced settings as to what constitutes "your likes" because just because someone listened to it on my account doesn't mean I like it. I actually made a whole new profile to get away from it, and it's back! 😞 I feel bad for parents who let their children listen to kid music on their accounts. Their Discover Weekly must be something else. 


Is there something I'm missing or am I stuck with Discover Weeklies I think are more "eek" than discovery? 

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