After every song plays it stops


After every song plays it stops

Every time I'm trying to listen to music the app on my phone doesn't continue to the next song automatically.
A song would finish and then silence. I have to go into the app and press the pause button then play again to start the music again. It becomes frustrating and boring very quickly as I have to stop what I'm doing every couple of minutes to open the app or unlock my phone to keep my music playing.

I always have a strong connection to the Internet and have never had issues until recently.
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Casual Listener

Which Android version has your phone? Is your energy-saving mode turned on or do you use battery saver apps on your phone?


I had a similar problem some time ago, because the energy-saving mode on Android (6.0 and onward) puts the most apps into sleep mode, when the phone is inactive. Some "high-priority" apps like WhatApp are excluded from this sleep mode. Probably Spotify wasn't recognized as one of those apps and it stopped playing music like you explained. When I stopped the energy-saving mode, everything was back to normal and I had no problems with playing music on Spotify.


So, if you use a power-saver, try to turn it off. Maybe it works 🙂