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After latest update I can't skip songs on Spotify android version

After latest update I can't skip songs on Spotify android version







Sony XZ Premium  G8142

Operating System

Android 9 built 47.2.A.10.107


My Question or Issue

Since my last update I can't skip songs, Please have a look at how it used to be before the update and after the update.

Obviously I tried to uninstall and install again, but my update to android 9, for some reason made spotify a system app, so I can only remove the updates and disable the app (I don't want to root the phone). I tried that and then re-enabled the app (without updates) and I get version  With that version I can skip songs again. Is this an issue with the latest update? How can I fix this issue and still enjoy the latest version of spotify premium?

My premium account is in order.



After update.jpg
Before update.jpg
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After removing updates, screen shot of skip working

Version 4 skip.jpg
Version 4.jpg

Hey there @caramba2,


Thanks for reaching out and sending screenshots! 


Since it's been some time, could you try doing a clean reisntall and see if the app works with the newest update?


If not, can you confirm if you are not able to skip songs in some playlists or in all?


Keep us posted!


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