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Album Art & Images Not Displaying

Album Art & Images Not Displaying

I have a HTC One M7 running Android 5.0.2. When I am using my 4G mobile network, images and album art do not load. On Wifi it works fine. Any suggestions to fix this?

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Hey @NickoS_82, thanks for reaching out to us!


A reinstall should help with this. Check out the steps here.


Let us know how it goes. 

Thanks for your response but I have already tried reinstalling a couple of times but it has not fixed the problem. Any other suggestions?

Just a shot in the dark but do you have background data enabled?

Yep. Background data is enabled.

I am experiencing the same problem on iPhone 6s iOS version 9.3.3 and it's really annoying. Please advise how to fix this. 

Thanks for all the details you guys have shared.


Can you let us know who's your mobile data provider?


We'll see what we can suggest. 

My mobile data provider is Optus here in Australia. Thanks.

I am with Optus as well.

Background data when enabled sometimes stops things from accessing your data, i think that background data is stoping you from loading the photos, But do the songs long fine or not?


I tried turning background data on and off, neither option loads the images and artwork. The music plays fine. It's just the images that don't load.

There has not been a solution found yet, but i hope the next new update fix's it for you all the best bud


Thanks for letting us know, @NickoS_82 and @Paljor!


Is it possible for you to check with Optus directly if there's any kind of data restriction enabled?


We look forward to your response. 

I have spoken to Optus and they have said that there are no data restrictions. I point out as well that music streams fine and I have no other issue with any other app

Thanks for letting us know!


We've sent this info to our technical department and they're working on it as we speak. We'll keep you updated.


Stay tuned.

Yeah I'm having the same issue and I'm with Optus as well if that helps

Same problem here. Images no longer load on 4G/non-wifi. Music streams fine. On Optus network in Australia.

Also on Optus and also no artwork.

Same here Optus Australia, iPhone 6, tried reinstalling, and changing various settings.  Definitely looks like it is something to do with Optus Data.

Woohoo I have Album art again!


Seems the issue has been fixed. 🙂

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