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I use an Android tablet and the Spotify app just updated itself.


Two issues I have:


i) The app now forces my tablet into portrait mode, whereas before it worked either portrait or landscape


ii) When I search for an album, I am only presented with the top 5 results. For example, if I want to listen to the Puccini opera "Tosca", when I search using the Android app I am presented with only the top 5 recordings (two results of which are actually the same). What if I want to see all the recordings of Tosca (or any other opera) to listen to? Does not just apply to classical music.


Issue ii is the biggest for me, I can live with portrait mode. But only being able to see the top 5 albums? Makes it very hard to be able to select a recording, especially for a classical music fan, where they are usually named by composer and composition name. Is there a way around this?



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I have the same problem you describe with the android app. The previous version of the app had a search result tab for album and artist that would bring back all results. This new version has made searching for an artist or album that isn't in the top 5 impossible. As searching is the only way to find and add music to your playlist this is now a really bad experience and step back from the previous version of the app. I'm so frustrated by thus that I'm considering cancelling my sub subscription.

Hey there. Can you add this point to the sticky at the top of this forum (missing features) and I'll add it to the list on page 1 when I get to my PC later.

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This search restriction existed in the preview version too and was noted then.  Even if you use the album tag (e.g. search for album:tosca) you still only get 5 results in the Albums list.  In a way this is cutting off the long tail of music, as it makes it much harder for users to find anything other than the most popular music...


It's a pity that you can't just click the ALBUMS header to expand the search list  for example. As for a workaround, well, obviously try to use the desktop version to search for and manage playlists, as it gives you the most options and search features. Or if you know the name of a song on an album with a common name then search for the song instead (you can then click More > Album to view the full album the song is from).

I've just run into the "five album" problem. I'd like to see this fixed too - I'm not interested in just listening to the popular stuff on my tablet!

I have same problem. Will tell about a million people not to bother with spotify then cancel my subscription. I pay for spotify and think it is disgusting that there is no way in this app to search for music properly. I do not want to manage playlists on a computer - what's the point of that, its supposed to be a mobile app!

There is also a Spotify Idea on this which you can vote on.

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