Albums do not play in order on Android Auto

Albums do not play in order on Android Auto

Been seeing an issue with android auto and spotify.  I'm running android 7.0, android auto 2.3.716604, spotify   I have spotify premium.  My issue exists regardless if I am in my car or not, it is whenever I run things through android auto(either by plugging my phone into my car and running through the head unit, or when at home and launching android auto and going to spotify).   When selecting an album the tracks do not play in order.  


Steps to reproduce:

  1. launch android auto, navigate to music and open spotify
  2. open the main spotify menu, select 'your library', select 'albums'
  3. select an album

Expected results:

since i have premium, the album will play in order from the first track


Actual results:

tracks play in a random order


A few more notes, I've noticed that if I go to the main menu, select recently played, and choose the album from there then it plays from the first track and correctly in order.  So this is sort of a work around, but i may not be able to find the album i want in the recently played list.  I'm a qa engineer by profession, so I'm happy to help troubleshoot/reproduce the issue if needed.  

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UG same issue. SUPER annoying. I listen to a lot of cast recordings and want to listen to the entire musical show in order. Please fix this soon!

I also have this issue. Album arder should be the default for premium. I can understand standard accounts being shuffled as this would reflect normal app playback.

I also have this issue and find it extremely frustrating. It basically renders Spotify on Android Auto useless for me.

In the past week or so I have noticed that there is now a microphone/voice search button on the spotify library screen in Android Auto. It may have always been there, but I have just noticed it.

It would *appear* that if this is used and then the album name spoken e.g. "Flying Microtonal Banana"; then that album plays in full in order. I say that it appears to work properly as I have not tested this method extensively, and I don't know what would happen if say "Iron Maiden" was spoken, would it play the album Iron Maiden or would it play every song by Iron Maiden.

I have been facing this problem too.

I don't understand why it shouldn't play in order even on the free version - surely that is why we put them in order?  Certainly no way I would go up to Premium if it still has this problem!

A simple thing, not fixed since many months.


Extremely annoying!

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