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Albums not saving

Albums not saving

Recently albums I have saved stay for up to 10 minutes and then disappear from my music. I have also had it when I press the 'save' button and then does not change to 'saved' it just flashes green and then returns to normal. I have not yet tried to save this from my laptop because I have not had access yet and cannot use the web player at work.

Does anyone else have this problem or is there a limit set to how many albums you can save?

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Same **bleep**ing problem. Every time I save an album spotify erase this action. Same with offline albums. I'm considering migrate to an other service like Google all access

Same thing here... No answer from Spotify.... Reaaaaaaaaaaally good service.

Same thing is happening to me. Its horrible.


At first I noticed songs were not saving to my phone library when I saved them on the desktop. This was extremely annoying seeing as I use spotify premium mostly for my work commute. Then today I go on my computer, hit shuffle, and notice its the same darn artists all the time. I look at my saved library and once again EVERYTHING saved is gone from july until now (SEPT).


This is extremely discouraging and makes me want to delete spotify and end my service. I added so many songs and albums that I cant find again, for what? I am so frustrated over this. It really bums me out since I use spotify at work to get me through the day.

Same here, and there's no other way to communicate with Spotify other from this forum and nobody never reply or answer this question, I must have ask this question over 10 times already............ I can't wait for Apple music to be available on Android.

same here, for over 2 weeks now, both on desktop and mobile i keep saving the same albums just to see if it'd work but no f**ing way. I'm deeply upset about the situation, i also tried to delete some o' my old saved albums & tracks, yet in the end that was simply not the solution. 

This is still a problem. They really need to do something about it or I will be looking elsewhere for music.

Second that. Was hoping they would have fixed this issue by now, but nope... Hello, Apple Music!

I am having the same problem. I'll click "Save" on an album in my iPhone, yet the album does not save. I've tried going back into the app and saving again. I've even tried using Spotify on the computer to try to save the album, but it does not work there, either. It's sad because I was using the "Saved" album feature as sort of a CD shelf.


I also know that I haven't reached my 10,000 song limit yet. I'm at 9,300 according to my computer.


I'm very willing to change to Apple Music. Does anyone know if they have comparable features that actually do NOT limit the amount of music/songs/albums that you can save and use as a shelf to return to again and again? Also, does Apple Music have an actual help function that you can email rather than posting to a board?


Thanks for any input.

I am using a PC, but the same issue happens on my phone, latest version of spotify

Me too!!! saved but not saved...Apple here I come!!!!!

I can't believe there's still no solution though the issue if 3 years old.

I have the same problem with my recent Samsung A5 2016, Android 6.0.1 with Spotify Premium : all my saved and downloaded album disapear after a while (10 or 20 minutes). They were saved on my smartphone not on a SD and I only had 5 albums saved not hundreds of them. Help needed! 

I have the same problem where when I click save the button flashes but does not turn to saved.  I've looked in my albums and the new album does not appear.

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