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Albums will no longer stay saved to "your music"

Albums will no longer stay saved to "your music"

I'm using an iphone 4S, ios 6.1.3 and about a week ago albums stopped saving to "your music." I've deleted and reinstalled the app twice.
The same thing is happening on my iPad Air 1, latest iOS. Haven't tried on my MacBook.
What gives?

Premium account, btw.

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I'm having the same problem with a Galaxy S3. It'll remain under my saved albums list until I close the app completely. When I try to save an album on my Mac, it just switches right back to being unsaved.


A couple months ago, I was having a similar problem, except it was happening with the Follow feature. A software update fixed that, and all the artists it removed from my list suddenly reappeared. Unfortunately, I have the most up to date software right now.

Odd seeing a post about an iPhone in the android forum, however, I'm facing the same issue with the andorid app, on both my phone and tablet. So it's not an issue just with the device.


However I'm a new user, only signed up yesterday. So I was unsure whther or not it was a matter of my profile needing time to update with who I've Followed and what Albums I've Saved.


I've saved an album by a band I'm following called Cyclefly on both my PC and my phone, but any time I go in and out of spotify on my phone, it doesn't seem to recognise it's been saved.



I have the same problem on my samsung s4. It tells me the track/album had been added bit when i look it is not there and I can't set it to be available offline either. Became a premium user this week but have only had issues since. Have already done a clean install bit it hasn't helped.

I followed this link that was in the top right corner of the webpage. I'm pretty sure that means we've hit 10,000 songs, it won't let us save anymore, and Spotify has no intention of fixing this. My solution to this will be to go back through and save the first song to each album. It'll add one step to my daily routine of setting up my playlists, annoying but whatever.

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