Alexa multiroom doesn't work with LG SP9YA Soundbar.

Alexa multiroom doesn't work with LG SP9YA Soundbar.







Huawei Mate 20 pro / Macbook Pro 16

Operating System

OSX/Android/Windows 10


My Issue

When I pick "Living Room" music group created in Alexa that includes LG_Speaker_SP9YA then the sound plays on all other Alexa devices (5) but fails to play music on LG Soundbar. Few seconds later it stops playing music altogether on all devices. I can press "Volume UP" on mobile and every speaker indicates visually increase in volume including that LG Speaker (e.g. volume raises from 8 to 10), so the connection is there, however speaker still doesn't play any music.


When I pick "LG_Speaker_SP9YA" in Spotify then it immediately plays music on that speaker - no issues. So again, it seems the connection is there.


If I try again to play on "Living Room" group that includes that LG speaker it again stops working.


I then switched to Amazon Music, picked "Living Room" and it WORKS. No issues. Music plays on all 6 devices including that LG Soundbar.


Just FYI this Soundbar also supports Chromecast, no issues there as well with single speaker or speaker group (I have only 2 though).


One small additional issue I have noticed is that changing name of the speaker in Alexa doesn't change it in Spotify - so something not right here as well. I've changed speaker name to just "Soundbar" but in Spotify I still have it as "LG_Speaker_SP9YA". Picking it however still works. It gets crazier because I've also changed the chromecast name to Soundbar, and this seems to work, however now the device on the list changes the name depending if I use chromecast or alexa as Spotify combines two entries as one. But that's a bonus, maybe a clue for the real issue.


It also doesn't matter if I try this on android, mac or pc.


TLDR: Multiroom speaker group doesn't work with LG SP9YA Soundbar and Spotify. Works with Amazon Music (and also some internet radio which name I don't remember as I did it only for test).

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I have tje exact same problem with tje exact same lg soundbar. Can't figure it out. The multi-room did work when I first installed the soundbar, then suddenly it started to behave like yours. 😕


I just found out that my everywhere group works fine with amazon music on ios 15. So either a spotify bug or amazon is somehow boycotting multiroom on Spotify. Moving to AM is kinda quick fix. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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