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All my saved songs dissapeared

All my saved songs dissapeared

All my saved songs and albums are not saved anymore!!!!!!!! I logged in and went to songs (I usually hear them all on shuffle play) and it said I didn't have any saved songs. If I go to artist I only get the list of artists I am following not all others i had saved songs from. If I go to the artist and hit play on any song it shows it's saved but it's not visible in "Songs" and if I remove and save them they do appear on "songs" (does not let me do the same with albums). I decided to uninstall app and then re-install it but it keeps doing the same thing. Do i really need to go song by song removing and adding it from my playlist? I pay to have my songs there, why is it not working? 😠

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Hi @Kerjhael!


We're always testing things in order to improve Spotify. There's more info here.


Any other questions, just give us a shout 🙂 

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