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Allow me to turn off app quickly on Android or happy to cancel service

Allow me to turn off app quickly on Android or happy to cancel service

Can't turn off app without going into settings, apps, force stop.  Turns on every time I get into car.  Very annoying that there is no exit, no stop, no swipe to close app.  Pausing the song that randomly plays is the only quick option.  Have android for control, don't need spotify thinking for me.  Am I missing something?

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I'm a bit confused. Why does spotify start playing when you get into your car? Are you using A2DP or some other app which recognises a bluetooth connection and starts spotify playing?


A lot of android apps have no exit button as it isn't considered necessary because of the way the android OS handles memory management. Usually sending an app to the background with the home key is sufficient so spotify doesn't have a way to do this.

I have the newest Droid Maxx, and I don't use any task killer or any other management apps.  I leave bluetooth "on" on my phone since I use it for phone in the car 2012 Camry.  Anytime bluetooth is "on" on the phone, and I get into my car, Spotify turns on, and my stereo then  changes to bluetooth from satellite or radio (or whatever setting I am using).  Very frustrating that I have to stop the whole process and change my stereo back to satellite.  Any suggestions?  Thanks for offering to help.

As mentionioned this is a feature of A2DP and force closing the app is the only way to terminate the background process. This is the same for most popular music players as well as the stock music player.


You can however install an app which attempts to block the play intent on connection to a Bluetooth player. Try this app here and hopefully this should resolve the issue of it auto-playing on connection:


Bluetooth Connect & Stop Play

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I have been reading messages looking for a solution to this but can't find one. I simply want to turn Spotify off. I don't want to pause it, I want to get it to stop running quickly and not have to go into, apps, settings, application manager and then kill it.  Any suggestions.  Thanks


I just kill it using a task killing app if needed.

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Just FYI, task killers should not be used on Android. They often do more harm than good. Especially with poorly programmed apps like Spotify.


UNINSTALL, and every user should until they fix this. My android will not kill it playing on the phone unless I use an app manager and I don't put up with that from ANY app.

Non answer, but thanks for muddying the waters.

Yes, it is very important that an app not be stopped by the user. Why would anyone want to turn it off at any time. I mean, sure, we all sleep, but it is more important to ensure gigabytes are used by the app so Spotify can brag on their use...or do they kickback to the carrier? Anyway, customer needs should never trump whatever business reason is behind not being able to kill the app without getting ANOTHER app to do that, even if it is deleterious to the platform . Makes perfect sense.

Just got my cool new Samsung Note 5 phone.. and installed Spotify ... now I cant turn the spotify app off !!!


I am a premium member and a big promoter of spotify in my little facebook group of 20,000 people .. yep 20k of hardcore vintage audio nerds..


well this is it.. I cant take anymore... we don't let apps cost Ram and Data Usage ...


I tolerated the ever changing front page filled with crap (hey I pay for this how about MY PLAYLIST as a home screen)...


hiding the off switch is too much... this is beyond unacceptable ... Spotify fix this or I will cancel my account and go with Slacker Premium .. because they have an off switch


had to post this here because you also hid the way for paying members to email you

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