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[Andriod] New update issues


[Andriod] New update issues





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Samsung Galaxy 9

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The app has changed so that the shuffle button and the repeat button are missing. It has been replaced with the heart button and that crossed out button you're supposed to click on if you don't like the song and don't want it to pop up anymore.


For some reason, this has happened for my own playlists I've created where the shuffle and repeat buttons used to be present and where it wouldn't really make sense to have the x button since it's my own playlist and not one that spotify made for me.


This also happens when I'm searching for more music and I'm just trying to listen to one song. I used to be able to search for the one song and then repeat it if I really liked it but the buttons have been replaced and now I can't anymore.


There also is a problem with my own personal playlists in that when I click "play" so the playlist wil start from the beginning, a completely different song will play instead, as if it was on shuffle even though I didn't click a shuffle button. I don't even have the option to suffle it anymore because those buttons on my phone have gone away. 


Plus, I used to be able to skip a song without unlocking my phone and I can't now. I also used to be able to skip the song without needing to open up the app and now I can't. 


Also, sometimes, when I switch songs mid-play the new song will play but the new title won't appear on the phone. It acts visually as if I never switched the song. 


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I restarted it 3 times and then it fixed itself

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I restarted it 3 times and then it fixed itself

Glad that you were able to solve this! 🎉

If you need help again, don't hesitate to ask 😄

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