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[Android 4.4.2]Spotify pauses when volume is changed by rocker

[Android 4.4.2]Spotify pauses when volume is changed by rocker



This issue has been replciated on both my phone (Samsung galaxy nexus (running CM 11), but on this phone the issue was present aswell on the Stock 4.1.2 ROM)). This behaviour is the same on my Girlfriends LG Nexus 4 (stock 4.4.2).


The way to replicate it is:

Start a song, any song from what I've experienced.

press two times up or down on the volume rocker switch, the mucis is paused


This started to happen 6-8months ago, I figured this was a known issue, but seeing other posts on Google, this seems to not have been accepted as a bug. The volume change by rocker works on other apps, such as Podkicker, the stock music player, youtube and Radioplay.


This issue is present both when a headset is plugged in through the 3,5mm jack or if a Bluetooth headset is used (tried both a Sony Ericsson MW600 and a Moo 302.


I've tried re-installing on both devices without any luck.


This is a very annoying issue.

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Just tried this an I'm not able to reproduce this on my android 4.3 Galaxy S4 - so much be a KitKat issue.

Anyone else having this issue?

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