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Android 7 - can't move offline files to external SDCard

Android 7 - can't move offline files to external SDCard

Since the latest update of spotify I can no longer choose the storage for the offline files. 

Spotify stores the files on the interal memory an uses all my free memory. Now I have only 250 MB storage free.

On the external SD card I've got 67 GB free.

Please, help.


6 Replies

Hey @MrAkharin and welcome to our Community!


That doens't sound good. We need you to provide the next info:


Device model:
Version of Android:
Version of Spotify:


Also, have you tried to remove the SD card and reinsert it again?


Let us know how it goes.

Is the storage option missing in spotify settings?

What device, android version and spotify version are you using?

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Device model: HUAWEI P9
Version of Android: 7.0
Version of Spotify: armV7


Removing and reinserting the SD Card didn't help.

I even uninstalled spotify and installed it again, but nothing changed.

Yes the storage option is missing in the sporify settings.


I'm using a HUAWEI P9 - Android 7.0 and Spotify Version armV7

If the SD card is formatted as internal storage instead of portable storage apps will not see an external SD card, just a large pool of internal storage. Check what it shows in android settings>storage. More detailed explanation here.

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