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Android APP HTC won't go online - also,

Android APP HTC won't go online - also,

i've seen several notes about people having trouble with the spotify app on several other devices, but nothing similar to my case:


My spotify APP works fine, using a HTC Desire Z. But it stopped updating my playlists about 6 days ago. the APP won't go online at all. Internet works fine. But not even when i use internetpassage thrue my PC does it go online. I've restarted the phone about 5 times in different ways, including deleting the Spotify APP, rebooting the phone and reinstalling it.


Nothing seems to work, any suggestions? Had the offline problem before so i'm thinking maybe it would be nice to insert a "reconnect" button into the APP? the force offline option needs a counterpart.

2 Replies

I've had this problem too. The thing that fixed it for me was un- and reinstalling spotify. Also, reboot in between, just to be sure it will work.
You could also log out from the app, search Android's file system for spotify's data folder and delete it, or try clearing the cache from system settings / apps.

It hasn't happened after reinstalling, for about two weeks now.

Hi there Same problem on a Philips gogear connect ... did the reinstall and it worked for a short while then kabam off line again... so I went into settings manually went off line and turned off all sync settings in spotify.. removed the playlist that was syncing then unchecked offline mode and was back on lime again... turned sync on again... and all is good again I think it mast be something to do.with the offline sync being disconnected during a download...

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