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Android App Crashing

Android App Crashing

A while ago I updated the app, didn't have any problems. About a week ago the app has completely stopped working. When I open it, a black screen appears and then closes and a "Unfortunately, Spotify has stopped" message appears. I have tried turning the phone off and on, which at one point did allow the app to open and work briefly but after a song or two it stops and then crashes.

I have unistalled and reinstalled it as well, but it still does not work. 


I don't know what to do at this point, it is the only app I use for music and I'm about to go on a trip!


I am using the app on my phone, which is a Droid Razr M from about 3 years ago, which is running Android 4.4.2 (I don't think my phone will get updates for the OS anymore), and the version of Spotify I have right now is


I saw something about reverting back to 2.9 but I'd rather revert to just the previous version and not go so far back. I also have no idea how to do that either.


Help! Please!

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