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(Android) App Freezing to show what song is playing

(Android) App Freezing to show what song is playing


Family Premium




Oppo Find X2 Pro

Operating System

Android 10 Color OS 7.1


My Question or Issue

When using the app and the connection in the sonos app the song that is showing as playing does not match the actual song. I can control the song start stop etc with the wrong song showing but can't see correct time. Very frustrating when listening to an album and particularly new music. Really putting me off using this service.

To clarify I have completed a clean reset twice and it fixed it for about an hour and then the same thing happened again.

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Having same issue on galaxy s10+. Never had issues like this until the last couple of weeks. Very annoying. Also experiencing random pauses as music is playing and having to manually play again.

I'm having the same issue, running a stock Galaxy Note9.

I've tried reinstalling the app and whitelisting it from battery management, neither have had any effect.

Yep. Reinstall and battery management didn't help me at all either. 

Hi there folks,


Thanks for reaching out about this.


Could you try logging out everywhere and then log back in only on the Sonos speaker and you mobile/desktop device? This should force your account data to resync with the servers. 


Also let us know if this happens when you're playing music without being connected to the speaker.


We'll be on the lookout for your replies. Thanks.

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