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Android App: Transmit Track Info via Bluetooth (A2DP/AVRCP 1.3)


Android App: Transmit Track Info via Bluetooth (A2DP/AVRCP 1.3)

So i have Spotify on my AVR, PC, Android Mobile, but not in my car. Not a big problem, just connect the phone via bluetooth.

Works like a charm, the only downside, the Song/Album/Artist information is not transmited when using the spotify android app. A quick test with the default android player shows that this works perfectly. I see song/album/artist on the car display.

So please, add this functionality to the android app. (to spare you the search implement A2DP/AVRCP 1.3 🙂

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I just bought a new Ford C-Max with Bluetooth integrated and it works great to stream music from Spotify using my HTC! But no track info available on the infotainment display in the car.


I could have lived with that until the other day when my wife baught an iPhone 4S. Streaming from Spotify works

perfect AND track info is shown in the infotainment display.


And since I will not join the Apple sect I'm urging you to fix this minor issue with the Android version of the app. 


Thank you for the music.


Lars - Sweden






Please add this!

Just so everyone is clear, Android ICS 4.0.4 doesn't have AVRCP 1.3 support. It's not the Android application for Spotify that is the real culprit here.  There are some custom ROMs that have AVRCP 1.3, you can install those and have it work fine.


Bluetooth on iOS supports AVRCP 1.3, which is why it works there.

Samsung do provide AVRCP 1.3 support on their Galaxy S2 and S3. Track titles and artist display fine using the stock music player, but yet to find a streaming player that does this? Except if you buy an iPhone of course! 

Can we not even get an update on this? Come on, Spotify... my hard-earned money is being wasted when I use this in the car!


Having the same problem. Resume after hang up calls, or turn engine on, works like a charm, but to get trackinfo...


It would be great to get that working. (I hate when iPhone friends gets to me at easy function disabilities).


/Best regards, Carl-Marcus

I agree on this one. Please add it!


I have a 2012 honda civic and everything works great except the info, I would love to see my music info on the I-mid display :). Thanks 

 lawrencealan, I'm not sure where you got your info, but I have a droid  razr ( android 4.0.4); specs indicate it supports AVRCP 1.4. Google music streams with full track info, which is a solid indicator that the bluetooth stack is capable of streaming  meta data.

Pandora and spotify do not stream meta data. I have to think this is  an app issue, not an os issue. I guess since each phone has vendor specific wireless hardware ,  different bluetooth stack implementations are out there .. perhaps there are some ics phones out there with older bluetooth stacks, but I don't think the android version can be tied to the AVRCP support carte blanche.

+1 to this. Please add this functionality. The Android Google Music app transmits metadata just fine! 

Case:   I am streaming music from my Andriod device (Samsung S2) to my car stereo using Bluethooth.

My device is compatible with bluetooth AVRCP profile version 1.3 and so is my car stereo.

The nice thing with this profile, is that also artist name and song title is transfered so it can be shown in the cars infotainment display (radio panel).  I have a new Volvo V70 MY 2012 and this function works well.


Problem: When streaming music using the Spotify Andriod App, the artist name / song title information is not shown in the cars audio display, it seems that the Andriod app only supports old AVRCP profile version 1.0, this profile only have the basic functionality such as next or previous song track.


When testing the Spotify App for IPHONE, the desired function is workiing good, it seems that Bluetooth AVRCP profile 1.3 is integrated.


Why Spotify App for IOS is better than the Andriod App ???


Could someone developing the Andriod App take a look at this and impletent AVRCP profile 1.3 or 1.4 ??

Just a note on lawrencealan's comment above, that Android 4.0.4 doesn't have AVRCP 1.3 support. The statement is technically correct.  Google did not program the stock operating system (AOSP) with AVRCP 1.3 support.  Some phones do support the protocol becuase the phone's manufacturer added support ot the operating system code.  If you have a stock Nexus phone, for example, which runs Google's stock AOSP code, you will not have AVRCP 1.3 support without installing a custom ROM with AVRCP 1.3 added to the OS code.  


Even so, I would like to see Spotify update the Android software to support AVRCP 1.3 just as they do with iOS.  New Android phones, save the Nexus 4, fully support this protocol.

Yes, please add song artist and title info in the Android app! Works great in my Volvo V40 2013 with my wife's iPhone 5, but not on my SE Xperia Arc...

Yes.  Please add this feature to the android version.  I pay for two spotify accounts in my household and always use the account that is associated to my wife's iphone when we travel together because of the AVRCP 1.3+ support that the iphone spotify app provides.  Think of this additional feature as an added safety benefit for your end user.... I have to look at my phone to see song names (this is not advisable when driving.... but is an intended misuse due to the lack of this easy to implement feature).


Thanks in advance, I am sure your developers will do the right thing and add this to your Android Spotify App!

I found a solution:


It works with my car. 🙂



Awesome! 🙂

Spotify? Are you planning to impliment this feature? I believe a patch for your Android app has been released on GitHub already but it requires a little bit of hackery to get it working correctly. It would awesome if you guys implimented it into your code!

add this. sorely needed.

Dear Spotify, somebody over at XDA has implemented this feature for you without even having the source code. What are you waiting for?

Going to bump this, it's the functionality I'd like most at the moment.

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