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Android App appearing not to scrobble to

Android App appearing not to scrobble to

I'm unable to get my app to scrobble, despite having the correct username/password and making sure to click "done".


Does anyone know where my issue may lie?

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Scrobble works for me (Android) BUT appears you need to maintain a live internet connection.


In other words, does not work if you have downloaded Spotify tracks, disconnect from the internet, listen to a bunch, then go back on line.  None of these tracks will be scrobbled.  Anyone have a different experience or know how to make off-internet Spotify listening scrobble to the next time you connect to the internet?




The mobile app won't scrobble in offline mode and doesn't cache the data to upload when you are next connected. There is an idea relating to this here.


@AnthemPartThree Was being offline the issue with your spotify not scrobbling?

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