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Android App being super slow or unresponsive

Android App being super slow or unresponsive

I've had spotify for a while now and I have just moved it from my Z5 to my LG G5, it worked fine on my Z5 but on my LG, its horrible! It crashes when I skip songs, it lags when I pause, it's almost impossible for me to navigate through the app comfortably. Really annoying me now, I'm on premium too. Just wondering if there's maybe a setting or something that is causing this?
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Are you using an external SD card formatted as internal storage?

Yeah but I was with my z5 too

Spotify doesn't yet support adopdted storage - check out this post.

Ok well, it had the option for me to do so... And I've just changed it to
internal storage and now it won't open, it just says "spotify stopped

You should reinstall spotify following the steps here.

Thank you 🙂

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