Android App doesn't manage to separate two different songs, but with the same name in a playlist.

Android App doesn't manage to separate two different songs, but with the same name in a playlist.

So, i got local music added to my playlist, and there's a lot of songs, that Spotify does not know which they are. As in, it's not a recognized song. So, i added them to a playlist so i can listen to them on the phone. And synced the list, it works decently enough. But, it just happens to be that, there are songs that are exactly the same, in name, beucase they are just music files i named. Now, Spotify have a solution to this, it marks one song with a _1 at the end. In the spotify client on PC, this works as expected, you can play both songs, and both show up on search. As well, both can be added to a playlist, and both gives a warning if it's already added. 


On the app, however, only one song will show twice.(You really can't tell because they have the same name, but the lengths is the same, when it not suposed to be) Only when you play both, both will be the same song. You can't play one of them. I think it's the one that Spotify named songname_1. The app can't do it.  


Also, i'm an avid user of "Spotify connect", and use it to swap to the computer and back, and if i select one of the songs on the app the correct one will play on the computer. So, if i have it set to play on PC, it'll be corrrect, since the PC client can separate them, but the phone does not. 


Once, i swapped back to the phone and got the right song, but every other time, while song 2(the one the phone won't play) is playing on the PC, it'll continue at that time mark(i think) on Song 1 on the phone when i swap to. I i paly Song 2 on PC, and use PC controlls to play it on the phone (using spotify connect) it will start the other song.  


Again, the two songs have the exact same name, and the workaround is obvious, but that's a lot of work chaning the songs, removing from playlist, and then readding them, because of the rough system of adding new music to playlists. 

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