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Android App extremely glitchy

Android App extremely glitchy

I'm really trying not to be impolite, but the spotify app has been a buggy mess since the last update. I have premium, and all of my songs are downloaded, but for some reason spotify randomly pauses my songs. I know it's not my connection, because I have all my songs downloaded. It isn't my phone's performance either, because I uninstalled spotify, and redownloaded all songs in normal quality. Another glitch is that randomly, I won't be able to swipe to the next song. I can open the queue and select the next song, or hit the 'next' button, but the title and album cover will freeze. Like I said, I have premium and my songs are downloaded, so there's no reason the music should lag. What should I do? Please don't tell me to uninstall and reinstall, I've already tried and it didn't work. My phone is galaxy s7

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Hi. What versions of android and spotify are you using?

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7, and I have Version armV7 of Spotify

I'll guess you're using android 7. Have you checked your powersaving settings as discussed here?

I do have android 7, but I didn't have power saving mode turned on. Made sure it was off, problem pursists

What about the second post in that thread which says:

In addition to the powersaving tweaks suggested, I recommend also excluding spotify from android's optimisation as follows:

1. Open the Settings app on your phone (Pull down the notifications shade, and tap the gear in the upper right corner, or find “Settings” in the App Drawer.)
2. Tap Battery.
3. Tap the menu button and choose “Battery optimization.”
4. Tap the dropdown menu at the top of the screen and select “All apps.”
5. Scroll down to Spotify - tap it and select "Don't Optimize"

Don't see a 'battery option' in settings


Device maintenance > battery > unmonitored apps

If spotify isn't listed, tap "add apps" at the bottom and add it.

Did what you suggested, rebooted phone and tested it, didn't work. It still randomly pauses and doesn't let me go to next song, even with power savings turned off and adding it to unmonitored apps. It doesn't even let me shuffle play anymore. I payed for premium for a reason, this shouldn't happen

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